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Learning Japanese can be a difficult language because of its complex writing system, grammatical structures, and word order. On average, 2,200 study hours is required to reach language proficiency. But do not be discouraged! Japanese language has only five vowels and does not have any gender articles. You will never have to guess the gender of any inanimate object and pronouns are not required. To speak the language correctly, know the Japanese view that relationships are defined by age, gender, occupation, job title, and situation.

The following information offers a few different ways to learn Japanese:

  • 1. The Genki 1 Textbook, workbook, and the 512 Kanji book will be useful in learning to speak formally and informally, as you learn which to use in any given situation.
  • 3. Learn to read Kanji because these characters are everywhere in Japan. One of the best flashcard apps to learn Japanese is the Anki app for free.
  • 4. Learn how Duolingo teaches users to absorb what they learn and have fun at the same time.

If you only want to learn basic Japanese to make your stay in Japan less stressful and more enjoyable, contact The Japan-America Society of Washington D.C. to inquire about their next Travel Japanese Workshop for Beginners. Another recommendation is to contact your local adult school or Japanese Language School in your area.

Regardless of the method, learning this beautiful language will enable you to navigate your way throughout Japan and communicate with the local population.


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