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In the shadow of Mt. Fuji, enriched with a history of emperors, shoguns, samurai, and geishas, is modern Japan. People of all ages feast on both traditional and western food, as they take in the nightlife. Welcome to Japan, a land of incredible contrasts where tradition meets modernity.

Introduction to Japan

The nation re-cooperated after its defeat in World War II. Japan became a formidable economic power, as well as a valuable ally of the United States. An unprecedented economic growth occurred within a few decades due to a strong work ethic. Japan’s technological development throughout the years made the nation a world economic power, ranked second to the United States. The country is unique in preserving and balancing its Eastern Culture with Western technology. As a result of the nation’s industriousness, nearly 60% of automobiles are manufactured by Japan.

Although Japan is geographically smaller than California, the nation has the 3rd world’s largest economy. With the incentive of lifetime employment, a high proportion of skilled laborers have job security. Japan’s trade success is attributed to producing some of the highest crop yields in the world. Additionally, Japan boasts one of the largest fishing fleets, catching approximately 15% of the world’s fish.

Despite in advanced technology and economic success, Japan’s sense of order, tradition, and routine are still maintained throughout society. Martial arts, tea ceremony, flower arranging, calligraphy, culinary art, and even social interactions are a product of their past. The ceremonial actions are second nature and influences nearly every aspect of the culture.

Furthermore, there is still a connection to nature through its temple design, art, traditions, festivals, and food preparation. Since abandoning isolationism, trading partners in the mid-19th Century influenced Japan’s culture over the years. Yet, a traditional spirit remains in their way of life that is uniquely Japanese. The host nation will be even more exciting, as guests are welcomed to a special Olympic experience.

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