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Health & Safety

In this section, health and safety information are provided to help with your preparation before traveling to Japan. Many traveling experts state that there are some safety risks regardless of destination. Begin using safety strategies you have already established at home and develop those strategies based on Japan's safety issues.

When examining safety issues, look at foreign government travel warnings for their own citizens, which may be helpful.

The Center for Global Education has a variety of resources for U.S. students including safety in Japan. Other travelers will find the information useful as well before traveling to the host nation.

An Emergency Card with vital health and safety information is invaluable to have with you when traveling abroad. The card also includes an emergency response plan. For more information and emergency resources, see the links below at The Center for Global Education.

Traveling to another country can be fun and adventurous, but there are a few health concerns regarding the great outdoors such as insect bites. The following links will inform travelers about bug-related health issues, including protection in Japan.


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