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Health & Safety

In this section, you will find information on how to stay well and be safe while in Japan and other parts of the country. Safety starts before you go abroad with a visit to your doctor. You may need to get inoculations to protect you from various illnesses before traveling. You will also learn some tips about food and water safety.

Most travel safety experts suggest that the first thing you do is realize that every place you go will have some safety risks. Start by using the strategies you use for being safe in your home country and build upon those based on special issues in the Japan. Then, start with areas where things are different and risks can be managed.

When looking at safety issues for in Japan, it is helpful to look at what different governments are telling their citizens who are travelling there:

The Center for Global Education has developed a variety of resources for U.S. students on safety in Japan that would be useful for other travelers to Japan and other parts of the Japan:

It is a good idea to have an Emergency Card with important health and safety information with you at all times, and plan for how to respond in case of an emergency. The Center for Global Education has developed Emergency Planning resources that would be helpful for travelers to Japan:

Traveling to another country can be packed with fun and adventure but being outdoors does come with a few health concerns. Here are a few links to inform travelers about common bug bite issues to look out for in Japan as well as how to protect yourself from being bitten:


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