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Tips on Studying a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language may be difficult but putting in the effort and time will help you to achieve mastery. The following suggestions will assist you in learning the language:

  1. STUDY daily! Learning is cumulative: Study 1 or 2 hours a day.
  2. ALLOCATE your study time in 15– to 30– minute periods throughout the day. For example, spend 10 minutes reviewing dialogue, 10 minutes for vocabulary, and 10 minutes learning grammar.
  3. PARTICIPATE in the learning process. Try to use the language frequently during daily conversations with native speakers.
  4. LEARN GRAMMAR. Review a simplified grammar text in your native language.
  5. APPLICATION. Practice until mastery is achieved.
  6. DEVELOP A POSTITIVE ATTITUDE. Set goals and disregard perfectionism. One of the best ways to learn is through mistakes.
  7. IF NEEDED, GET ASSISTANCE. through tutoring services or form a study group.

Taken from – Discover Reasons to Learn a Language


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