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This website provides information to help athletes, coaches, and spectators better understand the Olympics, the host city and country, Paris, France, and help relate to and connect to others from other countries and cultures while attending the Olympics and highlight giving efforts beyond the competition. It is important that athletes, coaches, and spectators gain an appreciation of the culture; its great success and the challenges faced in Paris and other parts of France as well.

The role of sports in youth development is also an important connection to make. Some youth do not connect well to the educational system but do make a strong connection to sports. Taking that connection in sports and using it to make a connection to education and youth development is an important strategy that has been used for many years to support personal growth.

Many high profile athletes also connect to youth to make a positive impact. Along with the connection to youth sports, making a connection between high profile sporting events and the athletes participating in those events... among the athletes themselves and between those athletes and youth who see those athletes as role models, provides an opportunity for the promotion of education and personal improvement that is sometimes missed.

This becomes even more important and more challenging when some of those sporting events are international and the athletes may not understand the local language and culture, the language and culture of other athletes, as well as the languages and cultures of youth where they may be able to make that positive impact.

The Center for Global Education at CSUDH has made a strong commitment to the development of students through international learning and the importance of building global understanding and youth development through living, learning, and studying in a country and culture outside of one's home. The World Wise Athlete resource is being developed to take some of the knowledge built by the Center on ways to enhance learning and understanding through the sharing of resources and information with faculty, staff, and students and expanding that to athletes, coaches, and spectators at high profile sporting events.

The content on the website has been updated to highlight the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France. It is our hope that these resources will provide guidance to coaches, athletes, and fans on ways they can better connect to the people and country of France as well as other coaches, athletes, and spectators, as well as the broader community, to support Olympic ideals that go beyond the competitions and gold medal counts.

The Olympics and other international high profile athletic events provide an opportunity for sharing information, making connections to others from other countries and cultures, to help bring people together to develop a more positive world in the 21st Century.

We think that Olympic athletes and other athletes in high profile international competition should be "World Wise" and that many already do play an important role, but it could be expanded and we hope this information helps with that effort.

We hope that you find this resource useful.


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