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Culture Shock Do's & Dont's

  1. Do be aware that culture shock exists, one way or another, it won't last forever.
  2. Don't sit around being critical and negative.
  3. Do plan fun things to do!
  4. Don't focus on bad things.
  5. Do set goals for yourself.
  6. Do look for the best in your situation.
  7. Do enjoy the diversity of people and cultures.
  8. Don't be judgmental.
  9. Do keep a journal.
  10. Don't think of yourself as strange and abnormal.
  11. Don't be offended by characteristics of the culture which are not polite or appropriate in the U.S.
  12. Do try and keep busy.
  13. Don't immediately call/write/e-mail your family/friends to tell them how miserable you are.
  14. Remember that culture shock can be a very valuable experience, which can leave you with broader perspectives, deeper insight into yourself and a wider tolerance for other people.

Taken from Kohls, R. (1979) Survival Kit for Overseas Living, chapter 18 Culture Shock: Occupational Hazard of Overseas Living. Intercultural Press, Yarmouth, MN. p. 91-100 as cited in – Read about Culture Shock


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