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Methods of Communication While Abroad

To keep in contact with colleagues, friends and family as well as to be prepared to respond to a problem you may face, it is important to have a communication plan and various methods to communicate with others while you are in France.


It is important to know the telephone numbers for all your important contacts in France and how to communicate from France to friends and families outside of France both during business hours and in case of an emergency.

Cellular Phone

Cellular phones have become more common and less expensive around the world. Although local calls may be inexpensive, international calls may have a high cost. Short text messages sent from a cell phone may be a less expensive way to communicate, provided the person you are messaging can receive text messages on his/her cell phone.

International Calling Cards

The most reasonable way to communicate between France and other countries may be through the use of an international calling card, available through various companies/providers.

E–Mail, Facebook and other Social Networking Tools

Electronic Mail is probably the least expensive and easiest method of communication. Facebook and other Social Networking Tools can also be used to communicate with others on a regular basis.

Mail (Regular or Express)

Postcards and letters are still an important and inexpensive method of communication. For those documents that need to get there faster, there are many companies that provide fast international mail delivery.


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