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10 Tips for a Successful Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

To get the most out of your Olympics experience, review the ten (10) goals below. Use these to help you spend time planning for a successful experience during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You have spent time planning to compete, coach, or to be a spectator in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is important to also spend time to plan for the many ways the Olympics experience can be a life–changing experience for you:

  1. Compete, Coach, or Experience the Olympics as a Spectator to the best of your ability

    You have been training, coaching or for this event; perhaps you have even dreamed of this since you were a child. Now, the Olympics is finally here. Whether this is your first or last Olympics, or somewhere in between, give your best effort while competing, coaching or being a fan; your team may end up with a medal. However, whether or not you do, take advantage of this once–in–a–lifetime experience.

  2. Learn about the Olympics

    How did the Olympics begin? What aspects make the Games so special and what are the Olympics ideals? Being an Olympics athlete is about more than being an elite athlete. Review the content about: Olympic Charter & Declarations, Olympic Milestones, Olympic History & Philosophy and Sport & Youth Development

  3. Create connections with fellow athletes, coaches, and spectators

    Most people do not understand the training and dedication it takes to become Olympics athlete or coach as well as the challenge of getting to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and getting tickets to games or watching from one of the many fan zones. Luckily, your fellow Olympics athletes and coaches and other spectators can relate to your situation. Get to know some of the other athletes, coaches, and spectators and learn more about their lives and hopefully, build a friendship that can last beyond the games.

  4. Learn about cultural diversity

    Make an effort to understand the cultures of other athletes. Your competitors may have differences in manners, social practices, beliefs, languages and many other things. Learn from them and also share your own culture.

  5. Gain a better understanding of your own country and culture

    Traveling internationally provides a chance to step outside of the ordinary and experience a culture completely different from your own. By looking at your home country through the eyes of others, you may gain new insights about yourself and your home.

  6. Develop a global understanding

    The world is a vast place and important events are constantly occurring. Keep up-to-date with issues and events, including the Olympics and try to understand them from a global perspective. For more information, visit Global Understanding.

  7. Take time to have fun

    The Olympics is still a celebration of football (soccer) and sport. Be sure to acknowledge your accomplishments in getting to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and reward yourself by enjoying the experience of the Olympics and being a Olympics athlete, coach, or spectator.

  8. See beyond the world of sport

    As a Olympics athlete, you will take your place among an elite group of athletes, coaches, or spectators that are admired by others. You have the opportunity to become a role model for others and help inspire real change in your home country and the world. To learn about youth and development programs, charities and how you can give back to your community and beyond, see Giving to Others.

  9. Reflect on your experiences

    To get the most out of your Olympics experience, create your own ten (10) goals. Spend some time planning for how you will achieve those goals. During and after the Olympics, take some time to reflect on the experience and how well you are achieving the goals you have set out for yourself. What will you take with you from your time at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? What were some of the best experiences? What new relationship will you be able to build upon? Were there things that you would like to change? How is your experience going to affect the goals you have in life? Write down your reflections and share them with others.


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