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City Guide

Below, you will find information about Rio de Janeiro and competition venues.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the most popular tourist destination in Brazil. The city is the heart of Brazilian soccer and also boasts beautiful beaches and cultural attractions. Rio, Cidade Maravilhosa, is the second most populous metropolis in Brazil with over 6.3 million inhabitants.

The city is located between majestic beaches and the tropical forest. A popular destination is the neighborhood of Copacabana, the site of the most famous beach in the country. It is home to many hotels and a great place to interact with locals and play beach soccer. The Christ the Redeemer statue is also a world-famous attraction. The statue opened in 1931 and is located on the Corcovado mountain. It is 130 feet tall and at its site offers a beautiful panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro. Other popular areas to explore are Centro, the downtown area of the city, and Lapa, a bohemian neighborhood, which both home many interesting places to visit.

The downtown neighborhood of Centro offers great deals for shopping, particularly at the street fair called Fairarte, located in the historic square Praca XV. At Fairarte one will find a craft market featuring goods such as ceramics, glass, leather works and silver; along with colorful food and drinks. The square is formally named "Praca XV de Novembro" to commemorate the day Brazil declared itself a republic: November 15, 1822. Other important sites located near Praca XV include the Imperial Palace, Rio's Legislative Assembly and the Municipal Theater, which are all worth a visit when one is in the area. There are also many churches worth exploring, such as the Nussa Senhora de Candelaria. The Church of Candelaria was completed in the late 19th century. The building features a baroque-style exterior while the interior directions have both neoclassical and neorenaissance influences.

Four Rio 2016 Games competition zones

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